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You are viewing a very good restoration by Jason White of Dorset of a B.James & Son Richard Walker MkIV Carp London England Whipped in Green silk.With agate butt and tip rings. With 28inch cork handle with sliding reel fittings.With hook keeper to butt.Honey colour cane rod. .With non original bag of the era.A very sound rod for the collector or user.SOLD

You are viewing a very good condition scarce B.James & Son Ealing London Avocet  3pce 11ft Wholecane Butt with Splitcane middle and tip.With  agate butt and tip rings.With rosewood ferrule stoppers. Has 23inch cork handle with black sliding reel fittings.With hook keeper to butt.Honey colour cane rod. Correct Replacement silk was used to match the original Non Original  rod bag of the era.SOLD

You are viewing a rare Milwards Swimversa 3pce 12ft split cane with dual/twin taper tip.The rod was designed by Terry Thomas and was very expensive to produce, features a reverse taper .And was a favourite with the late Bernard Venables.Whipped in black & green elephant silk.Has a split cane butt middle is split cane spliced into whole cane with a split cane tip.The rod was produced in small quantities for a couple of years.Has transfer plus wording on the butt in white Pat No 8559961 8375 .Has a 30 inch cork handle.Comes with unnamed original bag with ferrule stoppers.Condition is A1
Price SOLD

B.James & Son Richard Walker Mk IV Carp London England c1956/57 All splitcane.2pce 10ft early cork shape handle.Hook keeper .Agate butt and tip rings.Fine Condition has had very little use all very original. Just had a clean and revarnish .All whippings are complete.Very tight good fitting ferrule.Colour of cane is a medium brown.Transfers are complete.Cork handle has been cleaned.Comes with original makers rod bag faded named worn label..Price SOLD

 A used unrestored Allcocks Wizard 3pce 11ft whole cane butt with split cane middle and tip.With screw in fighting butt.All rings are rust free, has agate butt and tip ring.Full 15" sheet cork handle plus fighting butt of 5" This rod has had no repairs.Comes with original rod bag.Condition is very good sound cane and ferrules.. Original whippings are sound but showing age.Most wizards I have had faults by showing black this is due to the whippings getting wet and the lack of original varnish. Price SOLD





         Ogden Smith The Chelt Restored 13ft Spanish Reed Butt and middle with spliced splitcane tip with 23 inch cork handle Rod bag is unwashed hence the stain.Comes with makers named rod bag.Price SOLD




 James Aspindale & Son Redditch The Matchdale No 4 ferruless 13ft 3pce Spanish reed butt with whole cane middle spliced into whole cane with split cane tip.    Has 27 inch full cork handle with sliding reel fittings.With original white butt button.Agate butt and tip rings .All the rings are rust free  and the whippings are sound.The wording on rod states ferruless but it has at some stage of its life had ferrules fitted as the whippings are a lighter red.Has no rod bag at the moment.£125.00

  • A  very well restored  scarce Poolson Redditch T.A.Poole & Son Ltd Roachman 11ft 3pce all Built Cane coarse rod Transfer to butt.Whipped in maroon with agate butt and tip rings with high bells.Has a unnamed rod bag of the era.Has a 20 inch cork handle.With sliding reel fittings and rubber button.A very sound rod just needs to be fished with.£185.00

  • You are viewing a very well restored  rare Tommy Wandsworth Leicester 3pce coarse rod 10ft 6"Whole cane butt and middle with split cane tip.Transfer to butt.A lightweight rod for roach and fish up to 5lbs.Whipped in maroon with agate butt and tip rings with high bells.Has a unnamed rod bag of the era.Has a 18 inch cork handle.Would class it as a lightweight Avocet.All the cane is sound and the rod is very fishable.Tommy Wandsworth shop traded in Leicester from 1912-1977  SOLD

You are viewing a well restored  Fosters of Ashboure 2pce Built cane Brook rod 5ft 6" line 3/4 Whipped in dark green Fosters name on cane and butt. Looks like an early wisp but with a longer cork handle of approx 10"Agate butt and tip ring.SOLD


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